workshop lab /
Bureau de chimie / Martine

bureau de chimie, ICN, Nice, France
with Martine Adrian Scotto

At the back of the Valrose park, above the pond and the flower beds, a white building from the 1960s houses the Nice Institute of Chemistry, ICN. My office is on the second floor and overlooks a slope adorned with immense magnolias. It's a cramped place that I share with another researcher. Desks, computers, shelves full of books, I occupy the back of the room.
  © Caroline Bouissou

At the entrance to the right of the door is a sink, a vestige of a time when this place housed a secretariat, mixing the not always pleasant odours of the corridor, the chemists' benches are not far away! with that of a lemony washing-up liquid. This is where my work is developed, far from the roses that gave the park and the neighbourhood its name ( Valrose short for "valley of roses").

© Caroline Bouissou