workshop lab /
creation workshop

workshop, Nice, France
with Caroline Bouissou

© Caroline Bouissou - performance Nao Coclea Espagne

It is a bright room with a water point and a small storage area. The space is fully mobilised. I often have several projects at the same time which have different maturation times. A lot of my work takes place outside, either with the search for materials, meeting people, research and exploration or the projects themselves.

© Caroline Bouissou

At the moment the studio smells like glossy paper, like a fresh press, like a new magazine. I am working on a series of collages for a book. At the back there is a faint smell of sea salt coming from pieces of wood picked up on the beach and as you enter on the right there are smells of vanillin mixing with the plaster coming from the odorant tests for OAP. The smell of the studio evolves with the materials that are worked on and their freshness, also a heady glue during the drying process, a muted and fruity paint, or wood dust.... smells follow the projects. The one that filled the space to the point of having to leave was that of a very strong solvent for metal parts. A smell that does not tolerate being breathed in!