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Gabriel Gandolfo / neurosciences

Lecturer in Neuroscience at the University of Côte d'Azur

Teaches a transdisciplinary approach to students in Life Sciences, Psychology and Medicine
Trainer for the Capes and Agrégation exams in Life and Earth Sciences
Consultant for the Association for the Development of Animal Law (ADDA)

- Degrees
- June 7, 1980 : Doctorate of Specialty (3rd Cycle) in Behavioral Sciences
option Psychophysiology : "The somesthetic system in the rat. Study of the thalamic transmission and cortical reactivity during the sleep-wake cycle". Thesis defended at the Faculty of Sciences of Nice in front of Mr. J. Paillard, Mr. J. Massion, Mr. Cl. Gottesmann (thesis director) and Mr. E. Favale. Mention Very Honorable.

- August 18, 1984: ETP (European Training Programme) training certificate: "Basic Methods in Brain and Behaviour Research in Animals", University of Bergen, (Norway)

- December 11, 1985: PhD in Science: "Mechanisms underlying the functional state of higher nervous structures during wakefulness and sleep in the rat. Comparative approach in the cat". Thesis defended at the Faculty of Sciences of Nice in front of MM J.Paillard, V. Bloch, A. Borbely, Cl. Gottesmann (thesis director) and G. Nicaise. Mention Very Honorable.

- Distinctions
1/ as an individual
1989: Winner of the "Young Researcher" Prize, awarded by the Ministry of Defense (DRET) and presented by the president of the Jury, Professor Paul Germain, Permanent Secretary of the Academy of Sciences

2/ as a group
1992: Prize of the Scientific Jury of the 60th Annual Meeting of the Association of Physiologists, for the work on brain transplants carried out in collaboration with the C.H.U. Pasteur of Nice

It should be noted that other works using the technique of cerebral transplants and carried out in collaboration with Dr. A. McRae-Degueurce (INSERM, Bordeaux) had already been selected by the "Society for Neuroscience" for a press conference of scientific popularization in Washington in 1986

Publications related to the topic:
Gandolfo G. and Mourard P. 2012. Arts and neuroscience or how the brain sciences are indebted to artists. Biol.Geol., 2: 169-186

I describe in a first part the historical evolution of the relationship between the arts and the brain sciences in their anatomical, psychological and clinical approaches. In the second part, I discuss aesthetic judgment in the light of neuroscience: what happens in our brain when we are faced with a work of art? Pierre Mourard, sculptor and painter, illustrates this publication with his latest works on the theme of "neurons in complete freedom".

Gandolfo G., Adrian-Scotto M. and Broutart J.C. 2016. Brain and music:
Neuromusicology. Biol.Geol, 2: 109-126

Neuromusicology is one of the emerging disciplines of neuroscience: it is interested in the relationship between music and the brain. Because of its multidisciplinary nature, we present successively several approaches: physical (what is a musical note?), neurobiological (roles of the ear and the brain), ethological (do animals know music?), anthropological (musicolanguage and singing), psychological (musical emotions), clinical (music therapy), socio-cultural (synesthesia in music, perfumes, painting and gastronomy) and finally in educational sciences (role of music in learning). This publication was co-authored by a physicist colleague (M. Adrian-Scotto) and a gerontologist who developed a music mnemonotherapy technique for Alzheimer's patients (J.C. Broutart)