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labo LAPCOS, Nice, France
with Roxane Bartoletti

I work in room 302 of the MSHS Sud Est building in Nice, in the doctoral students' room. Our room is an open space, so my office is one of several islands. On my island, you can smell orange blossom, paper and Japanese roasted tea. In the open space you can usually smell the fumes of hot coffee, the fridge and its sometimes outdated meals. You can also smell the earth, the green plants, a little humidity. You can smell the tired and concentrated bodies of the young LAPCOS researchers. Our room 302 is our second home, if it does not become the first during the thesis writing period 😉 ...

In the experimental room on the 4th floor, you can smell the old building under the new plaster. You can smell the warmth of the machines but also the smells left by my experiments if the ventilation has not started: a colourful olfactory cocktail!

© Roxane Bartoletti